Which social networks should you focus on for your business?

whichsocialnetworkThere is no doubt that correctly using social networks is an important part of any business at the moment but for some people the choice seems to be overwhelming. If you tried to be on them all 1) you would not do any of them well and 2) you would do nothing else and your business will suffer as a result. So here is my advice if you are starting out on the Social Media road?

I believe the best way to implement social networks is to FOCUS on a maximum of 3 networks and implement them one at a time. The first one should be your most important and which networks you chose will depend on the type of business you are running.
For Business to Business (B2B) companies the answer is:-

1) LinkedIn
2) YouTube
3) Twitter or Google +


linkedinMany people I speak to think that LinkedIn is only useful for recruitment agencies and for finding a new job – a massive online CV (resume) store if you like. Well it is definitely good for that and indeed we have recruited staff through LinkedIn for a fraction of the cost of using recruitment agencies but there is something far more important about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn lists all your potential customers, tells you everything
you need to know about them, tells you what is important to them
and then gives you a way to contact them.

How much would you pay for a book that contained all the contact details of anyone who is likely to be a customer? Imagine how much less you would spend on scatter gun marketing if you know who your leads should be. Welcome to LinkedIn – the majority of its features are free.

But this is only the surface of what it can do for you. If you connect to all your customers on LinkedIn the system will email you when they get a new job. This presents two opportunities for you 1) congratulate them on their new job and remind them that you are there to help them with in their new company (a very warm lead in my book!) and 2) don’t forget to find out who has taken over from them in their old company as you may need to introduce yourself to them to keep the ongoing relationship going.

There are many more ways to use LinkedIn and I will go into these in a later post on this site but for now take my word for it, login to LinkedIn, connect to all your customers and use the search facility to find other potential customers.


youtubeGetting your company seen in the search results of Google is important and there are two separate approaches. You can either do lots of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and wade your way up the search engine results page or you can make a video, do a small amount of work and then watch your video make it to page 1 of Google. In fact you will probably find it makes it to position 1 in Google as guess who owns YouTube – yes that’s right Google themselves.

So by getting your company’s pages right on YouTube customers who do not already know you can find you quicker. If you do your videos right you will prequalify them as potential customers and then ask them to contact you.

This amazing referral machine will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All you have to do it upload a few simple and short videos that will interest your potential clients. Remember your videos are not trying to sell anything in the video they are simply showing your potential customer that you are the company they need to help them.

I have written a 50 page guide on setting up YouTube and using it to marketing your business and if you have not already subscribed to our blog pages then please do so now and I will send you a copy of the report via email immediately


Twitter and Google +

google-plus-1twitterThese are very useful networks but my advice would be to focus on LinkedIn and YouTube first before you spend much time on these two. The only thing I would recommend is that you register on both and claim your username or page name before anyone else does. I will cover my opinions on these two sites in a later post.

Your Action Plan For Today

  1. Register on LinkedIn and connect to all your clients
  2. Download your free YouTube Marketing Report by completing the form on the right hand side of this page
  3. Set up your YouTube account
  4. Register on Twitter
  5. Register on Google+