The Affiliate Traffic Authority Review

There is nothing more frustrating than having a website with not enough traffic.  However getting visitors to your site can be difficult without a working plan, or expensive if you are relying on traffic from paid sources such as Facebook or google.

The latest report by Mark ‘The Prof’ Tandan aims to resolve this fundamental problem by giving you a step by step approach to getting visitors to your site using social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook as well as others.

Mark shows you which networks to target and how you can take content that you have written and republish it on other sites.  He also shares with you the contact details of the people he uses to set up the social media registration pages himself so if you are a little worried about getting started with these networks all the work can be done for a very small fee using Mark’s experience and knowledge.

The final piece of the puzzle is getting your content on other people’s website and Mark covers this very well.  He gives you tips and tricks for finding the right sites and information on how to write content that will make people want to visit your site.

But the best part of this WSO is the final part where Mark gives you a day by day list of things to do.  He sets out your time map for 30 mins a day 5 days a week for 2 weeks.  I have started to implement Mark’s suggestions and am working towards the end of my first week and have already seen traffic coming to my site as a result of his excellent suggestions.

The report is delivered in PDF format and is 27 pages long.  I personally like the way Mark writes as it is easy to read and contains no fluff.  However with this offer Mark is also throwing in his Content Genie Report as well.  This is sold separately for you are in effect getting a two for one offer.  Content Genie report gives you everything you need to know to write great, original, content.  Again this report is delivered in PDF format, is 20 pages long and well written with Mark’s minimal fluff approach.

Mark’s report is currently being sold as a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) on the Warrior Forum website for just $9.95.  This is what I used to spend on Facebook every day to get less traffic than I am getting now for free.  WSOs are available for a fixed period of time and then taken down so my advice is to head over there now using the link below and secure your copy of this report before it is too late.  It will be $10 of your money well spent.

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