Fast Traffic Secrets

I have been lucky to get a preview copy of fast Traffic Secrets and will update this post as more results from Phil’s excellent work come in.

Phil Steptoe’s new report is called Fast traffic Secrets and contains 10 sources for free, or very cheap, traffic. I have purchased several traffic WSOs recently and reviewed a few of them on our website. When I received my review copy from Phil I had expected a short PDF file showing me around a number of social media sites. However what Phil has written is very different and you could say you are getting 10 WSOs not one with this report!

I have been in the Internet Marketing world for 6 years and I am not using one of these methods! Neither have I seen these methods talked about anywhere else. Phil even includes a strategy for YouTube traffic that I have not used until today and a way to get free traffic from CNN.

So what are you going to get with Phil’s Fast traffic Secrets WSO? It’s Simple. A well written, and in places funny, 88 page PDF file detailing each method with step by step instructions on how to set up them up. You also get 3 bonuses which are great to help you write copy and ads and help convert the traffic once you have created it.

The biggest problem with this WSO is working out which methods to try first? Phil – thank you and congratulations on a 1st class and highly original WSO. I highly recommend everyone grabs a copy of your report and clears a few hours in their diary to start implementing what you show them.

outofthebox One of Phil’s graphics in his report really sums up this WSO for me and reminds me of a fantastic Quote. “There are people that think out of the box, people who think in the box and people who don’t know a box exists”. Phil’s report is definitely out of the box.

10 Original Traffic Sources for the Price of 1

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