I have been an internet marketeer since I had a little competition with my brother in 2007.   We are both in IT, he is a programmer and I run a software development company, and the competition was simply this – how much money can you make in 1 year with a single website that needs no maintenance?

The looser had to buy dinner for the winner at the end of the year.

This simple competition started a bit of an obsession with me and I immediately started to learn about coding websites, adwords, affiliate marketing and lots of other techniques.  I won the competition and had a very enjoyable dinner especially as the competition had earned me around £6000 ($10,000) for doing very little.

Moving the clock forward to 2014 and I am still obsessed with Internet Marketing and still earning a good income from it.  I am not a full time Internet Marketer and donot claim to be earning thousands of dollars a month (most of them do claim this!).

I have however built my own IT company that is now producing more then $1M a year in revenue, sells engineering software in over 28 countries and employs nearly 20 people. Most of the techniques I use selling our software I have learnt from my obsession with Internet Marketing so I hope this blog will help inspire.

I have a simple tag line “No Hype” – instead of hype what I try to deliver to you is easy to understand reviews for products that I have purchased and have implemented.

I hope you enjoy this site and it inspires you to act and increase your online income.


The Internet Marketing Reviewer.